Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Life lately

Life lately is crazy but in a good way. We have been busy making memories but dang we are tired. Since going back to work in September juggling hubby, kids, work , and the house has proven to be harder with two kids. I think we have finally made some progress of keeping everything together. We are now using the Wunderlist app for iPhone and can do a schedule of household chores, grocery lists and just to dos. It has proven to help us both stay on track and both know we can add and edit as needed. We have also used this app to help let us know a daily routine to help keep our home clean and a little less chaotic. So far this app has been great and is working for our family.

We were able to do a few things this October since the hubby was off the whole month!! So sad he had to go back to work.

-we went to the zoo

-bought a new car (new to us)
-went to Indiana

-sold a car
-sold said new to us car
-bought a new car

-visited with family
-went on lots of family walks
-had date nights
-had Williams 3rd birthday party

-decorated for Halloween
-celebrated Halloween

-planned a trip to Chicago
-visited the Cahokia Mounds

-went to the mall
- went to the pumpkin patch 

-enjoyed the freakishly warm fall weather

We have loved the time we were able to spend together and look forward to a vacation to Chicago for a weekend. It is finally feeling like fall and I just can't wait. We will be enjoying some walks bundled up and burning some fall candles.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Our day at the park

The weather here gets super hot during the summer but since we had a nice morning we decided to head to a close park that has live stock. We enjoyed walking around, seeing animals and spending time as a family of four. 
William loved seeing all the animals and making animal noises. We were a little early before the animal part was open so we walked around the lake and played. 

Then it began to rain and we had to cut our time short. We hopefully will be back again before summer vacation is over. 

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Rotating turns for date night activities

This time it was my turn to come up with a date night. I decided I would like to do something outside and somewhere close to where my parents would be watching the babies. I decided Fast Eddies would be the best place for our date day. 
We enjoyed great conversation, great food and great company. I'm so grateful for time with my husband and time to just connect. Life gets busy and crazy and this time together is precious! 

Date nights after baby #2

We are fortunate enough to have family that lives close to help babysit. We can't go long as I am nursing but it's been fun figuring out date nights on a budget (since I'm not working) and on time restraints. We both know how important it is for uninterrupted time with your significant other and it's much needed for a strong healthy relationship. 

On our day out we hit up a local brewery called Kaskaskia Brewing Company. I took a few samples of local beer and had a few snacks. We played games, talked to each other and ate some snacks. 
Then we walked down the street to have lunch and just enjoy each other's company. We ate at a place called the Office and it was just a nice time. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Evelyn 1 month old

On July 21st my sweet girl turned one month old. I can't believe it has already been one whole month we have had this sweet angel! 
Brand new and one month picture. 

When we went to the doctor her stats were 
Weight : 9lbs 3oz 50% 
Height : 20.5 in 15%
Head 75% 

She is nursing great and gaining weight! She looks great and is doing fantastic! We got a clean bill of health for her. 

She nurses during the day every two to three hours. 
Her head is getting stronger and tummy time makes her lift her head. 
She loves bath time and being in the water. 
She loves to watch her brother 
She is beginning to smile and make noises. 
She has started to be awake more during the day and is much more alert. 
She doesn't like to be put in her car seat but loves a car ride
She is sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches at night waking early morning to nurse and back to bed

Mommy is doing great. I am feeling much better and we have been able to get out a few times. It's a new routine and we are getting use to our new normal. 

William: he loves his sister so much! He loves to give kisses and hugs. He is learning to be soft and easy with her. 

Evelyn we are so glad you are part of our family. We don't remember what life was like without you. You are sweet, beautiful and so fun to dress. I am amazed by you everyday and can't wait to see you grow and learn! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Baby girl nursery

When we found out we were having a girl I immediately went to Pinterest to find nursery ideas. I knew I wanted elegant and fancy. I was thinking crystal knobs, chandeliers and some kind of accent wall. I thought if I ever had a girl I would use purple but that wasn't the case. We decided to use cream, pink, white and pops of teal. 

I absolutely love her room and I'm so happy with how it turned out! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our first holiday as a family of four

Fourth of July was our first holiday spent as a family of four! Nick was schedule to work this holiday (he is scheduled for all holidays again this year) but took leave for the baby. It was so nice to have him home almost three weeks. 
We just had our pool liner fixed and a new one put in so it was family/ pool time for the day.  Nicks family was coming over later and were going to make hot dogs and hamburgers and hang out. I wasn't able to swim quit yet considering I had just given birth butapparebtkt it was cold so I wasn't to upset. 
We had a Fourth of July picnic that was at the park so we packed the kids in the stroller and headed across the street. It ended up being perfect timing because from 2-5 it was free rides and face painting. William was able to enjoy a few rides before it got to crowded and hot! By the time we got back from the carnival family was over and we began to swim. 

The men got in but it was to cold for the woman. Water had just been filled in the new pool= super cold. 
We ate on the patio and watched fireworks from our backyard. All in all a great holiday weekend!