Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Life lately

Life lately is crazy but in a good way. We have been busy making memories but dang we are tired. Since going back to work in September juggling hubby, kids, work , and the house has proven to be harder with two kids. I think we have finally made some progress of keeping everything together. We are now using the Wunderlist app for iPhone and can do a schedule of household chores, grocery lists and just to dos. It has proven to help us both stay on track and both know we can add and edit as needed. We have also used this app to help let us know a daily routine to help keep our home clean and a little less chaotic. So far this app has been great and is working for our family.

We were able to do a few things this October since the hubby was off the whole month!! So sad he had to go back to work.

-we went to the zoo

-bought a new car (new to us)
-went to Indiana

-sold a car
-sold said new to us car
-bought a new car

-visited with family
-went on lots of family walks
-had date nights
-had Williams 3rd birthday party

-decorated for Halloween
-celebrated Halloween

-planned a trip to Chicago
-visited the Cahokia Mounds

-went to the mall
- went to the pumpkin patch 

-enjoyed the freakishly warm fall weather

We have loved the time we were able to spend together and look forward to a vacation to Chicago for a weekend. It is finally feeling like fall and I just can't wait. We will be enjoying some walks bundled up and burning some fall candles.

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